ADVANTAGES of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)

AAC products are made using slurry mix containing cement, sand, lime and aerating agent. The slurry is poured and moulded to form lightweight blocks, panels and lintels upon which are cured in autoclave. The high-pressure steam-curing mechanism in the autoclave facilitates the curing process of the moulded lightweight concrete, producing physically and chemically stable products that weigh about 1/3 of normal concrete.

AAC products contain millions of tiny non-connecting air pockets yielding superior thermal insulation property. AAC products are typically installed to form walls, floors and roofs. AAC products are becoming the preferred building products for constructing residential, hotel, industrial and public buildings because of its natural composition and non-toxic property, saves energy and environmental friendlyAAC products possess the durability characteristics similar to normal concrete or stone, yet with workability better than wood.

advantages lightweight

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is less than one-fifth of that of normal concrete block and wall panel,  making it easily handled.  The density of each of IBS certified AAC block and wall panel is usually between 550 – 650 kg/m3.  Indeed, it is lighter than water.

advantages thermal energy

Starken AAC’s has excellent thermal insulation properties that result in improved comfort level and saves heating up 4 hours for a nominal block thickness of 100 mm. At the end of the day, it offers huge savings on air conditioning and energy costs.

advantages eco friendly

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete helps to reduce at least 30% of environmental waste, decrease 30% environmental waste, decrease 50% of greenhouse radiation and over 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick. It’s non-toxic in nature and does not exude gases. Starken AAC is an environmentally friendly choice of building material.

advantages acoustic performance

IBS certified AAC Block/AAC Wall Panel can provide very good sound insulation/sound absorption with an STC rating up to 55db. This is especially offers working and living conditions. The use of Starken AAC for external walls reduces noise form from external sources like traffic, meaning more peace and quiet. And when used for upper floors, can reduce sound transference between levels as well.

advantages cost effective

Speed & ease of installation in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete result in cost savings compared on the traditional masonry construction. Thus offering cost saving and less investment on the construction works.

advantages good workability

AAC can be sawn, cut, carved, nailed or drilled using ordinary hand tools. This help in quick construction work, thereby reducing time and construction costs Simplifies hydro-sanitary and electrical installation such as pipe or ducts, which can be installed after the main construction is complete.

advantages water resistant

Starken AAC contains millions of closed microscopic cells which strongly resist moisture from passing through. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is highly resistant to humidity and dampness from water.

advantages dimension accurate

AAC Blocks & wall panels are manufactured under factory environment using state-of-the-art modern machineries resulting in products which tighter dimensional tolerances.

advantages impact resistant

Wall erected using 100 mm thick IBS Certified product is classified as “Severe Duty” grade and able to withstand impact loads potentially resulting from rough usage.

advantages durable

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete history of usage more than 50 years protecting building elements and remain durable under extreme weather conditions.

advantages fire resistant

Starken AAC Block and Wall Panel is renowned for its fire resistance properties and is more superior than traditional masonry for products with fire resistant up to 4 hours for a nominal block thickness of 100 mm. These AAC products are highly suitable for the areas where fire safety is great priority. Starken AAC products has been tested by SIRIM and proven to achieve 4 hours fire-rated for minimum block thickness of 100 mm.

advantages seismic resistant

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete reduce mass of structure, thus decreasing the impact of an earthquake on a building, The natural property it is made from is light in weight. This is turn increase the stability in the building structure. Usually the impact of the earthquake is directly on the weight of the building.

advantages ibs certified

AAC Block and Wall Panel is certified by CIDB as a Industrialized Building System (IBS) with factor 0.5 on AAC Block and Factor 1.0 from AAC Wall Panel.