AAC products are made using slurry mix containing cement, sand, lime and aerating agent. The slurry is poured and moulded to form lightweight blocks, panels and lintels upon which are cured in autoclave. The high-pressure steam-curing mechanism in the autoclave facilitates the curing process of the moulded lightweight concrete, producing physically and chemically stable products that weigh about 1/5 of normal concrete.

AAC products contain millions of tiny non-connecting air pockets yielding superior thermal insulation property. AAC products are typically installed to form walls, floors and roofs. AAC products are becoming the preferred building products for constructing residential, hotel, industrial and public buildings because of its natural composition and non-toxic property, saves energy and environmental friendlyAAC products possess the durability characteristics similar to normal concrete or stone, yet with workability better than wood.

Save up to 25% of Foundation Cost Brick vs AAC Block

cost benefit 1

Speedy Wall Installation AAC Block vs Brick (m2 / worker / day)

cost benefit 2

Better Thermal Control Heat insulation 5 times superior than brick

cost benefit 3

Building uses approximately 30% less energy for cooling and heating the interior air space.