LINTEL Starken AAC Product


Compressive Strength: 5.5 MPa
Thermal Conductivity: 0.1963 W/m.K
Density: Dry 650 kg/m3
Working Density: 890 – 920 kg/m3

Starken AAC Lintels are reinforced elements similar to panels. They are used as support over windows, doorways and other openings.

Lintels are also used as spreaders under the end supports of reinforced concrete beams to distribute high bearing stresses into the supporting AAC wall.

Refer to Lintel table for standard sizes. Please contact Starken AAC Technical Department on information related to allowable working load.


  • Support over windows, doorways and other openings
  • Spreaders under the end supports of reinforced concrete beams


Lintels are available in standard block thickness of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200m and lengths up to 2,700mm.


Modulus of Elasticity
2,250 MPa


Note :
1. The above information may subject to change.
2. Do not use the above information for calculating the transportation weight and volume.
3. For latest product’s information, please check our Downloads page or Contact our Consultants.