consultation services

CONSULTATION SERVICES Technical and Professional Advises on AAC

Product Presentation

Comprehensive range of AAC product range and systems, highlighting their advantages compare with other systems. An important pack of information presented to decision makers such as architects, consulting engineers, surveyors and developers.

Customized Design Solution

Technical informative documentation specifically prepared to cater for specific projects needs containing typical details of AAC systems.  This information is useful for specifiers (i.e architects) and may be included in the tender drawing.

Installation Demo

Training will be provided showing the basics of AAC wall installation.  An educational initiative internal to industry players such as architects, project engineers, developers and contractors.

Site Inspection

Complementary service extended to applicators of Starken’s products to ensure installation is carried out in accordance with the recommended practice.

Use of AAC

Starken AAC products are not only lightweight technology but also provide high performance features such as thermal comfort, energy saving,  high-impact,  water & fire resistance.